May 24, 2016 2 min read

Metallics and Mercury Glass Holders! Latest Trend!

Trends! Do you love to be in the know about the latest trends? Well, here at Quick Candles, we do! We follow trends but also are thoughtful in making sure we don’t pick a quickly passing trend! We want to provide our customers with products that might have a trend value but also have a long life value! Metallic & Glass Holders definitely fit into this model!

One of the biggest latest trends we are enjoying right now is the use of mercury glass & metallic candle holders in home & event décor!

Mercury Glass is beautifully crafted to give a shimmery but unique look! The speckled patterns on the glass gives each piece its own character. And in silver and gold with cool patterns create a festive and textured setting every time!

Mercury glass traditionally came in just silver! But as the trend grew, this type of glass now comes in all different hues! Although silver is the most popular, we are loving the gold and rose gold twist on mercury! In the metallic holders the silver and gold patterned designs are being used across the board to amp up design!

When using mercury or metallic glass in your home or event there are no limitations of how you can incorporate this glass into design! These styles easily compliment other finishes or styles!

Using mercury glass with clear glass is a very classic look! You can combine different kinds of clear and mercury glass holders filled with candles to create a sophisticated look with an impressive twinkly glow!I love to mix and match the different hues and patterns! This scares a lot of folks!

But when you mix colors, textures, and patterns the look can be simply stunning! Silver and Gold can complement in a way that WOWS!

Choosing metallic holders with patterns, whether and dots or and chevron, in silver and gold you instantly, without too much effort, have combined patterns and colors to give your guests a really cool space that is filled with eye candy and candle glow!

The candles that are placed inside these holders, whether true flame or LED, produce the most spectacular ambiance! The way the candle light bounces off of the mercury glass or metallics easily delights and adds so much to your space!

We also love to mass products! A simple way to make a huge impact is lining or massing mercury or metallic down the center of a long table or even in the middle of a table! By doing this, the eye is drawn to not only the products and glow but it appears that the design took a long time to create and was expensive! But when in reality, this look is easily achieved all while being budget friendly!

In design, one of the most important things to remember is that you do not have to be an expert to create a look that will delight! Choose one of the latest trends that intrigues you and make it your own. When using a mixture of silver and gold, mercury glass or metallics you instantly create your very own AMAZING…and who doesn’t want AMAZING?