May 24, 2016 3 min read

Buying vs Renting Wedding Table Linens!

You’re Engaged! You are in full planning mode! So to buy or rent Wedding Table Linens?You’ve decided you will need to either buy or rent your table linens as the venue you chose doesn’t offer them. Well let’s get right down to it!

Plain and Simple, it is less expensive to buy Wedding Table Linens then rent!

Lots of folks think that renting is so much easier and worth the money, but some just don’t have the extra dollars in their budget, so buying just might be the way to go!

A few simple questions can help you decide along with a pro's and cons to both renting and buying, and some ideas for what to do with wedding table linens after the big day if you decide to buy! We want to help you make the right choice!

Some questions you might have:

  • Why should I buy all of those, what in the world would I do with that many tablecloths?In reality, most weddings use somewhere between 10-20 tables. That is not a huge amount of table linens. Yes, it’s more than a few but if you see the above ideas on what to do with the linens that savings can be a win/win when you purchase instead of rent!
  • I think that would be too much work?Most of us wash and dry clothes on a regular basis! Doing a few loads of your purchased table cloths doesn’t take too long. And if you take the linens out of the dryer right away and hang them, there might not be any need to iron! A little sweat equity will allow you a huge savings in the end!
  • How much will I really be saving?When you take into consideration the cost of renting your linens which can be all across the board, if you need delivery of the items, or if you will pick them up and drop them off you have invested money that will never be seen again! You have nothing to show for those dollars! By purchasing, you have a flat rate, you get to keep those linens, re-sale, or donate! One of the most popular sizes in table cloths is the 120” round! For the sake of comparison this size table cloth rents for $18.00. You can purchase this size table cloth for $13.99. That savings can vary but even with a savings of $4 per table cloth, that certainly adds up!
Renting Pro's:
  • The wedding linens are laundered and on hangers.
  • You do not have to launder them before turning them back in.
  • You can go and pick up and return the wedding linens yourself to avoid a charge for delivery.
Renting Cons:
  • The number one con of renting your weddings linens is cost.
  • Another con would be you did pay for something that you don't own after, you have to return.
  • There can be a pretty hefty fee for delivery to your venue.
Buying Pro's:
  • The linens are delivered right to your door.
  • You probably do want to wash and dry your linens, this is a task that will take a bit of time but remember even the rental wedding linens will have creases that you might not like and will still have to steam or hit with an iron.
  • Your event is over and now you get to keep the table linens.
Buying Cons:
  • Time prep is a top con for buying your linens.
  • Another con would be having to clean the wedding linens on both ends, before and after.

What to do with lots of purchased Wedding linens?

  • Keep them and throw parties every year in honor of your wedding
  • Donate them to your church! A tax write off and I’m sure your church would be so thankful.
  • Gift the table linens once laundered to bridesmaids, family, or friends.
  • Donate to another worthy cause, a soup kitchen or non-profit!
  • Re-sale to other brides who will be thrilled with hand-me down linens!

Other linens you can rent or buy are table runners, table overlays, chair covers, chair sashes, and napkins!

In this blog series we will touch on each of these products and so many more from candles and vases, to lanterns and décor that you can rent or buy!