July 22, 2016 2 min read

How to Add the Perfect Touches For Nautical Décor!

We are in the heat of the summer and lots of folks are drawn to the water! They also are drawn to nautical decor when entertaining! With a few key elements, you can create the perfect nautical touches without overdoing it!Check out the design created for a Euphoria event in Greenville, SC! Take some of their tips and re-create to accomplish the same easy look in your own home or for an event!

Nautical Decor

When you think of nautical, lots of folks think about big, bold stripes! Of course a dark blue and white stripe can instantly make you feel nautical! We loved the use of the big wide stripes! The tables were perfectly paired with the striped linen that made statements all alone, without the other additional features!

We also adore the use of the stainless steel Lighthouse & Revere lanterns. The silver atop the striped linens totally rocked the look! The shape of the lighthouse lantern invokes that feeling of waiting for the light to roll around! So bringing in a shape or shapes that lend to the theme, always is a great idea! On the tables as anchors for the lanterns were magazines that had the same nautical feel! An incredibly gorgeous shot of a boat once again tied the theme to each table!

The addition of the LED Pillar candle & tealight adds to the ease of decorating for nautical decor! No hassle with windy conditions or no-flame venues! The realistic wax outer shells and the flickering LED flame, can simulate a true flame and create just the right ambiance inside the lanterns. Inside the sparkly votive holders were LED tealights that flickered to keep that warm glow around the whole space!

The airy white peony silk flowers pair so nicely with the striped linens and require no water! Talk about ease in decorating! The simple floral centerpiece brightened up the table and the center with its pink/red center ties in to the nautical theme.

The effortless look of the silver LED pillar candles adds just a bit of flare to the smaller table space! When the silver pillar is paired with the sparkly votive holder, the look created a beautiful tie back to the lanterns and led candles! And we simply adore the sparkly votive holders as they bring in an almost beautiful sea foam texture.

The idea is to not be over the top when using a theme! By separating parts of the themes key elements you are using among different tables and spaces throughout the venue, you achieve a lovely themed event with not over doing it!And of course, you should always incorporate some fun nautical themed drinks and fare!

Your nautical decor will SAIL AWAY in your guests minds long after the event is over with a few of the thoughtful touches mentioned above!

Nautical & Awesome go hand in hand!