August 01, 2016 3 min read

Fall Fashion For Events!

With it being a massive heat wave in most of our country right now, it’s hard to even think about fall fashion! But Fall is right around the corner! And on the runways of Fashion Week not long ago, the trends were revealed and I simply love to follow them! Because you can bet that event design will follow almost every trend that the runway tosses in the spotlight! Check out this great article: The 12 Best Fall Trends from New York Fashion Week by Perrie Samotin!

After pondering how events will benefit from fall fashion trends, I’ve come up with some ideas:

  • Fur! Perrie says faux and real! For events we will go with faux! Not only did they use the fur, they combined with bold colors and patterns! I can’t wait to see some fun events embracing fur elements! Adding faux fur stoles to your chairs as chair sashes would be simply fabulous! I think even finding some fun faux fabric that you can cut to size for table runners would showcase this runway trend!
  • Ruffles! I think the event industry has embraced ruffles for years! They showcase this with festive ruffled linens & chair covers! I think it would be fabulous to add layers of ruffles around vases on your table top! Simple, yet an easy way to translate a fashion trend into an event trend!
  • Tan! Not your skin…the color that seemed to be very present on the runways! This color is a complete neutral and I don’t believe this trend is one event industry professionals usually embrace. It’s a safe and somewhat boring color but it will be fun to watch if this tan trend coincides with bold patterns and fur! It just might happen!
  • Gold Metallic! In the event industry, this metallic trend I truly believe is here to stay! With beautiful metallics in gold and rose gold the looks created can range drastically in the feel! From glammed up & Vegas-like, to completely sophisticated and elegant. Runways & Events will embrace this trend for some time to come!
  • Plaid! Plaid overcoats were seen up and down the runways! Wondering if this plaid trend will come alive in event design! I personally love plaid and I believe in small accents this trend can work in the event world! While embracing a plaid that works with your color or theme you can incorporate this into simple aspects of design! From table runners, to vase wraps, to using as a napkin tie, or in lighting with plaid shades on chandeliers…I think the possibilities are festive!
  • Fall Fashion
  • Dusty Pink & Yellow! This one will be quite interesting! Actually appealing to the eye with the colors, the designs I saw from the runway were not something I would embrace wearing! But pairing these colors into a simple and understated event could work! From combining dusty pink and yellow candles in groupings to illuminate a table top to bringing in these colors in your linen choices, it will be fun to watch and see if this trend is one that will catch within the events world.
  • Fall Florals! Floral patterns small yet bold were on dresses, coats, shirts, and jackets! This trend is fun and different from your traditional floral pattern! I hope that we see some of this in table top décor design! By pairing small silk florals together to create bold patterns within vase centerpieces you could take this trend from runway to event! Choosing to add the fall florals trend to paper or evite invitations, on back drops for photo opportunities could WOW guests!

What I adore about fall fashion is that it can be interpreted in many ways! One person could take aspects of a trend and turn them into something that is simply perfect for them, while another could take on the whole trend from head to toe! It’s the same with event design! Take elements, colors, concepts and make your event your way!

By following trends, you can simply become your very own trend master in event or home design! Try out some of these trends and send us pics!

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