April 04, 2017 4 min read

Planning Your Wedding? Hear how a Quick Candles Bride did it!

We love helping you and other brides in planning your wedding! So we started a Quick Candles Bride Q & A so you can hear about experiences straight from the source! Enjoy!

Chezney Fuller is a young woman from Greenville who got married in Summer 2016 in the beautiful farmland surrounding her parents' property. She used Quick Candles to ease the planning of her special day. Take a look and see if we can help make planning your wedding look as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What was the first thing you began working on after getting engaged?

We already knew the location we wanted for our wedding was my parents’ house. So first we told them, then we started looking at Wedding Checklists on Pinterest. I began to write down certain things I wanted at the wedding and the overall ‘style’ I was looking for.

planning your wedding

How long was your engagement?

1 year

When it came to budget, where was most of your money spent?

Our wedding was at my parents’ private residence. We had the location but none of the other things that went along with a venue. Therefore, most of the money we spent was on the rentals. Example: ceremony chairs, reception chairs, tent, tables, tablecloths, bathrooms, etc.

Were you a DYI Bride or did you use a planner?

Well, my mom was pretty much my planner! My older two sisters recently got married too, so she knew everything I would need. My husband and I did a lot of the planning as well.

How did you choose your style and color scheme for your Wedding?

I wanted a romantic/elegant wedding and for me it was easy to pick. I love the color white. A lot of my home décor is white and I love how clean and airy it looks; therefore, I decided from the beginning I wanted everything white except the bridal party attire. I wasn’t sure what color to pick for my bridesmaids’ dresses but since my husband’s favorite color is green I decided on a very light green to fit both of our tastes. My husband picked navy blue suits for himself and the groomsmen. It all came together beautifully.

Did you have a Wedding Pinterest Board?

Yes, at the beginning of my engagement I was looking on Pinterest all the time. Pinterest has a lot of good ideas; however, the more involved I got with my planning the less I got on and looked at Pinterest ideas.Planning your wedding

How long before your wedding did you order your décor?

I ordered all of my wedding reception vases very early because once I saw them I knew they were the ones I wanted to use. I bought a lot of my décor from Marshalls throughout the year. I wanted candles at our reception and my daddy told me he knew someone that had an amazing candle business….Quick Candles

Did you consider renting décor vs. purchasing? If so, why did you decide to purchase?

It depended on the items whether I was willing to rent or buy them. I am glad I purchased my candles, picture frames, and DIY wooden signs. I can reuse my candle holders and let others use them if needed. I had my best friend paint the signs and write Bible verses on them and now we are using the signs and the picture frames in our new home!

Why did you choose Quick Candles for your Wedding Table Décor?

I chose Quick Candles because my dad had met the owner and looked at their business and saw that they had quality items and good customer service. When I looked at the products I fell in love.

How did you choose which products to use?

I was able to pick out the perfect products with the help of Laura Mazzola, a employee. She was very friendly and showed me many options to pick from for an elegant wedding style.

planning your wedding

What did you think about the quality?

Great quality! None were broken and all looked absolutely amazing.

How was the order process?

The order process was quick and easy!

Did everything arrive in good condition?

Everything arrived in perfect condition, ready to be set out on the tables.

How did you use our products?

We used our Quick Candle products at the reception. We had them set out on all the tables, adding a romantic feel to the atmosphere.

hat would you tell other Brides looking to purchase from Quick Candles?

I would recommend other Brides to purchase from Quick Candles. It was a very quick and easy process. The customer service at Quick Candles is outstanding!

And lastly, what was your favorite memory of your Wedding Day?

I have so many favorite memories from our wedding day! Some of my favorites include walking down the aisle, listening to my husband say his vows, and dancing at the reception with all of our friends!