August 05, 2016 2 min read

Check Out These 3 Perfect, Quick Pool Party Ideas!

Pools and Summer time provide the perfect opportunity to relax and entertain! And we have some fabulous pool party ideas that will turn any pool into a peaceful and glowing retreat!

Pool Party Ideas

Lining areas of your pool or yard with candle glow is always a great pool party idea! By using our exclusive votive candle holder stakes, you can easily line the walk to your pool and the surrounding green space! The look produces a candle glow above the pool and provides simply beautiful candle reflection on the water. These easy to use stakes are so incredibly versatile! The stakes easily fit into another pool side option, the stake and shepherd hook bases! These allow you to offer lighting close to the water's edge without having to plant into the ground. These bases are so awesome!

Our other favorite, favorite, favorite new product is the shatterproof votive holder! One of the reasons lots of folks don’t like to place candle light by their pool is the fear of it being unsafe! Broken glass will hold folks back from adding the perfect touches around their pool! Well, we have solved that problem by offering a non-breakable option! With a little textured pattern, made of clear pvc material, these holders are safe and produce a lovely glow pool side! By placing these around your pool, you also offer your guests a barrier so no one falls into the pool! Fill these fab holders with tealights or votive candles! The glow will impress!

Pool Party Ideas

And of course we have two floating candle options for the focal point, the pool! By using floating candles in your pool, the space takes on a lovely canvas for candlelight to bounce around the space! Floating candles are completely easy to use and safe for pools! The most important thing to remember when using floating candles in a pool is to make sure to gently place the candle in the pool by holding the wick and lowering so the wick does not get wet! Once a wick gets wet, you will not be able to light until the wick completely dries! The other floating option is small glass floating tealight candle holders! These are perfect! They also are placed gently into the water with a tealight inside! You can light the tealight first and then place into the pool! Using the smaller glass bubbles and the larger 3” floating candles you create a lovely combination of size and glow inside the pool!

It’s also great to add floating candles to your deck space around your pool which ties all the floating candles together and makes the glow go from the deck to the pool back to the deck! Use fun glass to add your floating candles to like bubble balls or large cylinder vases! As day goes to dusk the candle glow intensifies and sets the ambiance throughout the space!

These pool party ideas will help you create a gorgeous glow that is simply AMAZING! And that’s just what we want for you…AMAZING settings no matter the landscape or space!