January 18, 2019 4 min read

Getting engaged is an exciting milestone for any couple. But, the wedding planning that happens post-proposal can be met with uncertainty. Knowing the next steps when there seems to be endless wedding essentials to account for, can make it difficult to find a place to start.

Luckily, we have pulled together a few questions to consider asking when taking on the post-proposal wedding planning, that will help you in your big day planning.
What and Where?
post-proposal First you need to decide on the size of the wedding. Will it be small and intimate with just your closest family and friends, or will invitations be extended to a wide social circle and extended family? Knowing the size of your guest list can help to choose the venue, and is essential to plan for a number of decor elements related to the reception.
Be sure to send out invitations to guests well in advance, and ask your partner who they definitely want to attend, so you can contact them individually. Look through this helpful checklist to relieve anxiety centered around your guest list planning, and for more tips on how to finalize who’s coming to celebrate your day.
Once your guest list is completed and you have received RSVP’s, decide on the venue and location. Will the ceremony take place in a different venue than the reception? If so, discuss the best modes of transportation to get yourselves and your guests safely from one place to the other.
Talk with your fiance about any traditions they follow that may affect the wedding ceremony celebrations, and what traditional, and maybe non-traditional, reception activities you want to partake in. Planning ahead will help the day go smoothly, and ensure it includes everything you and your partner want.
Date and Budget?

post-proposal Setting a budget and date may seem like a big detail most wouldn’t glance over, but it can be one of the more difficult factors to come to a consensus on. Being open and honest with your partner about finances and desired budgets can be confusing for some, but is key to avoid overspending or financial stress.

Break down the priciest and least pricey essentials, and once the list is complete, divide up your budget accordingly. Leave enough room for any unexpected situations that may arise throughout the planning process as well.

Then it’s on to setting the date. Ask your partner sooner rather than later about a date for your big day (Check out these must-have tips for choosing the right date!). Plan it around a special time you both have shared together like your anniversary or favorite time of year. This makes it personal and special to you, and easier to tailor the festivities to seasonal changes.

This also makes it simpler to book and schedule a venue, catering, and other small details well in advance. Having a timeline established can help to ensure you have time to get all of your wedding essentials in order, and ensure all of the small details are taken care of as well.

The Small Details?

post-proposal The small details may be called small, but are actually a few of the most important things to consider when planning for your big day. One of these being the more fun part of planning, but can cause stress if not organized and discussed openly with your partner. It relates to the overall design of your wedding!

Ask your new fiance what color scheme or theme they may want, and don’t rush ahead and create a one-sided dream wedding. You should both have a say in the color scheme, table settings and even style of cake.

Then there are the few small details that include shopping for the wedding rings, and even changing your name. Asking about name changing may seem obvious, but there are a few options if you prefer a less traditional route than taking the groom's last name. Talk with your fiance and find the name combination that works best for you.

There is also non-traditional ways to go about designing your wedding bands. Shopping for wedding rings can be a memorable moment to share with your fiance to find the perfect pairing, but if you’re lost for inspiration and aren’t sure where to start, it can become overwhelming. Explore online jewelers like Blue Nile, who’s intuitive site makes it easy to look through a wide selection of wedding bands, and find the one that stands out to you.

This is something you will both adorn long term, so you want to make sure you find the right ring for you to exchange on your wedding day!

Post Wedding Plans?

post-proposal Once all of the minor details are taken care of, you can get a head start on honeymoon planning! Planning before the wedding helps to relax post wedding chaos, and look forward to a get-away as newly weds. For the more adventurous types, look into international travel, and choose a place you both have always wanted to go!

Make sure to factor this into your wedding planning budget ahead of time, and look into different resorts or travel packages. Sites like Expedia make it easy to find the right travel package for you, and help plan your trip with little stress. If you want to stay closer to home for a more low-key honeymoon, look for affordable bed and breakfasts, or an Airbnb. This way you can have some alone time without strenuous travel.

Talk with your partner about what they prefer, and be sure to take each others schedules into consideration. There are no rules when it comes to the timing of a honeymoon, so work together to find the perfect low-stress time to take your trip!

Post-proposal, a lot of couple's heads are all over the place, unsure of where to start planning. Luckily, we can break down the quick and common questions into a very easy list for any couple to tackle for their wedding! post-proposal