May 25, 2017 2 min read

It's summer wedding season! There are a few things to remember when ordering candles for summer weddings. Around our office we get calls all the time regarding candles and when you should order those for your wedding.

The simple fact is that candles are made of wax, and wax can melt in extreme heat. This is why we offer some tips and suggestions on getting your candles for summer weddings or events!

Candles for summer weddings

If you live in a super-hot climate and you’ve had some time to plan, we strongly suggest ordering your candles prior to the summer. This allows for you to receive your candles to beat the heat. And also allows you to store in a nice cool spot until your big day!The bonus is if you order your candles and other decor early, you'll be less stressed as the wedding gets closer! Since you'll already have everything ready to go, all you have to think about is how fabulous candles for summer weddings can be!If you are in need of candles for a wedding in the warmer or summer months we suggest you order them at the beginning of the week. That way your candles would not sit in a hot truck over a weekend! Keeping the shipment of candles moving in hot weather is an important factor in making sure your candles arrive in pristine condition.If you absolutely must have your candles during the hot months, you can also do special shipping. This is to ensure there will be no sitting in hot locations or trucks!

candles for summer weddings

Types of candles that might be more susceptible to melting are votive and tealight candles. Since these candles liquefy when burned, the heat actually can speed up the process of candles melting. We point this out as something that can happen, but certainly does not happen all the time. We do know that in really hot climates this is a possibility though. So, we want to assist you in avoiding this if possible. Pillar Candles and Floating Candles are a much more dense wax and have less likelihood of melting. So if these are the candles you need, you should be great! However, it's probably not the best idea to leave any candles you order in the heat. So keep this in mind when you're moving decor and other supplies to and from your event venue. If your event is outside, you should try to keep all your candles in a cool area or indoors until you are ready to pull out your candles and light them.The good news when ordering candles for summer weddings from Quick Candles is we ship QUICK! Plus we also offer a damage replacement policy or refund if you received candles that have melted in transit!

So go ahead and get those candles to make your Wedding Day AMAZING!