May 23, 2017 3 min read

Mason jars give a vintage vibe to any wedding or event you add them to. While brides are looking to save on their wedding decor, there is one item that is consistently inexpensive and beautiful no matter how it's used: a mason jar.

mason jars for weddings
Mason jars can be incorporated into wedding decor in a variety of ways that give a rustic touch to any brides wedding, no matter what the season is. It doesn't even matter what your theme or color palette is. Any bride can use mason jars for weddings to add a personal touch with the numerous ways you can use and decorate a mason jar. And you can do this all while still keeping your budget down.

Here's five ways a bride can use mason jars for weddings:

Aisle decor

Creating the perfect wedding aisle for a bride to walk down can be difficult. So, why not keep it simple by using mason jars? You can fill the mason jars with fresh or silk flowers, candles or even just paint them. This can give you a beautiful, yet rustic wedding aisle to walk down to on your perfect day. Even hanging the mason jars from chairs or having them on the ground at the end of each aisle is gorgeous. Either way it will create the perfect look for any bride.


This is another simple way that a bride can use mason jars for weddings. A mason jar can mark the table number, or be a part of the overall centerpiece. You can use different sized mason jars to create a diverse look and fill them with candles, or keep it super rustic and make a burlap bow tie on the outside of your mason jar. Any way you choose your guests are going to be impressed.


Many people have been using mason jars as drinking glasses in recent years. Why not do that at your wedding as well? Bride & groom cocktails can be served out of mason jars. However you can also have them on every table as a part of the dinnerware set. This way you can reuse the mason jars as drinkware for your home after your wedding or event! If you're feeling crafty you can decorate each mason jar to be a take home gift for your guests.
mason jars for weddings

Hanging candle holders

Shepherd hooks are a gorgeous way to line a walkway of an event. Adding tealight candles or flowers can spice up your venue. Plus, you can even do this indoors with a shepherd hook base. However, just make sure you test the weight of what you want to hang on your shepherd hook beforehand to make sure it can hold whatever you want to use. It's a creative way of adding mason jars without having them on the floor or on a tabletop.

Favor holders

If you have smaller favors for you guests, such as a book of matches, or something similar, you can use a mason jar as a holder. This will keep the favors from falling off of tables and gives guests a central place to look for the favors that they can keep as a memento of your special day.

Really, no matter how you use mason jars for weddings, they can create a unique look for your wedding.