December 06, 2017 3 min read

Christmas is only a few short weeks away, and we know there's always one person left on your list. It might be your mother, wife, sister, friend or roommate, and you have no idea what to buy them.

Lucky for you, we went around the office and asked some of our employees what they think the best gift for this Christmas is. So, without further ado, here is our Christmas Gift Guide 2017!
Candles & Metallic Holders
"A candle can warm any room, and I love all of the metallic holders! The glow from candles shed such beautiful light on the tablescape!" - Heidi, Customer Care TeamMetallic holders add an elegant look to any setting! They come in an array of colors and designs so there's a holder perfect for everyone on your gift list!
Preserved Boxwood Wreaths
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"I absolutely adore our preserved boxwood wreaths! They are a year round addition to décor, and I have them on my wish list! I want one in each shape!" - Laura, Marketing LabAdorn your home with a vibrant preserved wreath! Lasts longer than a traditional wreath and has a stunning vibrant color!
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Apothecary Jars
"I love the apothecary jars! With this holiday season, I can put in a combination of mini and regular sized ornaments, holiday candies, or tinsel! I love the “neck” of the jars that can have Red and Green ribbon, and then for New year’s it is so easy to have them hold party favors, noise makers and confetti!" - Lanette, Customer Care Team With their graceful curves and elegant detailing, Apothecary Jars each feature an upscale look and can be used to hold potpourri, candy, or an assortment of decorative objects.
Vintage Table Clock

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"I’m just itching for the Vintage Table Clock. It’s so adorable and weird. I love it!" - Tiffany, Customer Care Team With its quirky, upcycled appearance, this clock will bring interesting detail to your office desk, bookshelf, or side table. The clock has a worn finish, giving it vintage flair that will pair perfectly with your industrial chic or urbane, modern loft. For a unique arrangement, place this clock atop a short stack of books or magazines on your bedside table

Francesca Vases
"I love how the colored glass looks in the light! Plus this vase looks great whether I have flowers in it or not!" - Amanda, Marketing Lab This vase is a stunning burst of color, perfect for your home or tablescape. Reminiscent of a wine bottle, the Francesca vase is perfect for holding flowers or creating sparkle with string lights. Fill with some of our silk flowers for a year round arrangement that stays gorgeous!
Bird Cages
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"I would love the Vintage Bird Cages for Christmas. I love the antique look of them and would love to experiment with the neat decorating ideas I could do with them in a bedroom." - Trish, Accounting Use bird cages filled with flowers and plants for a unique home decor accent. The bird cage also looks great with pillar candles to create an attractive candle lantern.
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Vintage Holders
"I love the vintage look of the Charm Candle Holders. They remind me of my childhood, family, and the Holidays!" - Frankie, Marketing Lab This candle holder looks just like something you picked up at a thrift store! Add tealight or votive candles for a beautiful candlelit display The colorful glass will add a burst of color wherever you place it! As we get closer and closer to Christmas, it can become stressful to pick out a gift for those last few people on the list. However, we hope you can use our gift guide 2017 to help find those people the perfect gift! We're surely hoping for some of these under our trees Christmas morning.
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