November 29, 2017 2 min read

Since Thanksgiving has passed, it is officially Christmas Season! Christmas decorating doesn't have to be over the top, some people are busy, and some like simplicity. Now that it's decorating time, we have some simple Christmas decorations to get you in the holiday spirit!

Greenery & Garland
simple christmas decorations
Now, the easiest way to incorporate some Christmas into your decor is to add some greenery. Using some garland, or other greenery can dress up an otherwise plain candle holder and give it a holiday filled twist! Or, if you like to keep it rustic, add the garland to a reclaimed wooden wall hanging. Using vibrant greens can create natural beauty within your simple Christmas decorations.
Pine Cones
Pine cones are beautiful, and create a rustic feeling wherever you place them! Add them in your garland or place them on a tray and you have a simple look that reminds everyone of the holidays without being too over the top! They can even be painted gold or silver if you like metallic holiday decor. If you're bringing in pine cones from outside don't forget to clean and dry them to get rid of any bugs or sticky residue!
simple christmas decorations
Tinsel Time
Tinsel may not be in the height of fashion these days, but who says you can't make it modern? Instead of putting it on a tree, use it as a vase filler in our dual vase & candle holders. You can have all the sparkle of the tinsel that way and none of the mess to vacuum up later. Using tinsel like this can make it a year round friendly decor item!
Ornaments don't have to just hang on a tree. Place Christmas ball ornaments within a centerpiece and add fake snow inside them. Talk about simple Christmas decorations! This way you can elevate your decor without going overboard. If you want to add sparkle you can fill basic Christmas ornaments with glitter or sequins! Clear ornaments like this can be versatile and you can fill them, or leave them empty to fit whatever look you're going for.
simple christmas decoations
The Colors of The Season
Do you really hate over the top Christmas decor? Well the easiest way to have simple Christmas decorations is to simply just use seasonal colors! Red & green are traditionally very Christmas-y bright colors that always fit the season. If you don't like the combination of red and green, using a mix of red, green or white and metallic accents can still be festive. Using just color accents can really keep your decor simple, and allows you to tailor it to the decor you already have in your space. Using textured glass candle holders heightens the elegance without sending your decor over the top. These candle holders can be clear, or colorful, depending on the rest of your decor. Either way, they're a year round staple that you can fit into your simple Christmas decorations. Even though decorating can be an overwhelming task, there are simple Christmas decorations that can perk up your decor in a pinch! Plus with decor this simple, no one will notice if you leave it up until February.
simple christmas decorations