February 16, 2018 2 min read

Spring is on its way, and so are fresh blooms! All you need to bring spring flowers into your home are bud vases.

We all know the best way to feel the upcoming spring in your home is with flowers. Adding single stems to bud vases adds the freshness of springtime beautifully without being as overwhelming, or expensive, as a full bouquet. Bud vases can really step up your decor while also being a budget friendly item.
So, what are bud vases?
A bud vase is typically smaller, and made to hold a single stem, or a small bouquet. Unlike a traditional flower vase, a bud vase can fit on smaller surfaces like mantels, windowsills and side tables more easily. This makes them perfect for small spaces, and offices. Using bud vases can help you bring in florals into your home as the perfect finishing touch. Buy a bouquet from your local farmer's market, or grocery store, to fill your bud vases. If you have a green thumb you can use flowers from your own garden. Personally, we like to take a bouquet of tulips and give everyone in the office a fresh tulip in a bud vase for their desk! If you can't keep anything alive, silk flowers also work great in bud vases. Plus, silk flowers will last year round, and don't require any water. Silk flower stems can be trimmed to fit the vase of your choosing. The best part about bud vases is they are often sold in bulk, which makes them less expensive than some traditional flower vases! This also means you can spread out your floral picks throughout your home, or space, at a fraction of the price. This makes them a great item to use in weddings because they add to your decor without breaking the bank.
Well, how do you pick out a bud vase?

bud vases

Bud vases come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are shorter, some taller and some of them even hang. The best way to select the perfect bud vase for you is to look at the flowers you'll be placing in them. If you have thick, long stems a taller bud vase with a wider opening will probably work best. If you are going to display the beautiful daisies or dandelions picked from your yard, you can probably use a shorter, small bud vase. However, most flowers can go with any bud vase as long as you trim the stem to fit the vase. Since a lot of bud vases are made of crystal clear glass, they will match with any color scheme that you may have in your home. Luckily, they also come in a variety of styles. This way you can pick different shapes and textures to match your taste, be it modern, vintage or whimsical. Bud vases add the perfect touch to your decor with or without flowers. As spring approaches, bud vases are the perfect item to add to your decor, but they still look beautiful no matter the season, or occasion. bud bases