April 06, 2018 2 min read

Fresh flowers always look beautiful, but keeping fresh flowers in your home can get spendy! Fortunately, silk flowers are so realistic looking you can use them and no one will ever be able to tell. Decorating with silk flowers is easy, and helps keep your home looking fresh and bright no matter the time of year.

As amazing as fresh flowers are, sometimes you don't have time to pick up a bouquet every week, or your wallet may not like it. Either way, decorating with silk flowers can help you get the floral look you dream of, without adding flowers to your weekly errand list. Not sure where to start decorating with silk flowers? Well, here are a few ideas to get you started. So, grab a vase and get ready to fill it. No water necessary for these arrangements!
decorating with silk flowers
Match your decor
If your home is filled with bright colors, or soft pastels, why not pick flowers that match! Matching your floral picks to your color scheme makes it effortlessly easy to create your perfect arrangement. If you have a lot of neutral colors in your decor, the world is your oyster. Bright colors, lots of green or subtle flowers are all perfect picks for a neutral home. If you have colorful walls or furniture, white and ivory are the perfect pick since they match everything.
Make it seasonal
If you love seasonal decor, decorating with silk flowers is perfect for you. Bright colors for spring and summer, then deep vibrant hues for fall and winter. Silk flowers can be customized to fit the season, or holiday. The plus is you can just swap out your arrangements a few times a year to fit the season. Then you can keep your holiday arrangements just the way you like for years to come.
Pick a favorite
decorating with silk flowers
Roses, daisies, peonies, the list goes on and on. With endless types of flowers, everyone definitely has a favorite. The only downside is sometimes it can be hard to find your favorites year round. Plus, buying fruits, vegetables and flowers seasonally saves you money in the long run! Using silk flowers during the off-season for your favorite flower will keep your home bright and fresh!
Make it bright
Flowers are perfect for bringing brightness into your home. Decorating with silk flowers can make any space in your home feel brighter. Not only do floral arrangements breathe life into your home, but the colors can add a pop! Potted plants are also a great way to bring brightness into your home. However, some of us don't have a green thumb, so silk flowers and plants are better. If vases aren't your thing, pots, planters and terrariums are perfect for adding silk flowers for decorating. This can give you a greater variety of styles and textures to add your arrangements to. This way you can have your flowers and container match your decor and overall vibe. Silk, fresh or preserved flowers, no matter what you choose they're sure to be a flawless addition to your home.
decorating with silk flowers