by Amanda Ullmann November 17, 2017 2 min read

It may be the week before Thanksgiving, and you may not know how to decorate. However here at Quick Candles we have some last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for anyone planning to spruce up their Thanksgiving Table.

Sometimes the turkey at the center of the table is enough of a centerpiece, but some people want to take it up a notch. Now, thinking up Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, we have a few ways that you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Here at Quick Candles we know the focus of the Thanksgiving holiday is definitely food. So, we're gonna keep it simple so that you can focus on all of the turkey you're going to eat. thanksgiving centerpiece ideas
Gold Accents
Gold is trending! The good news about gold accents is how simple you can keep your Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas with an accent of gold! Simply add a gold vase and some flowers. Another way to add gold accents is with gold votive candle holders. No matter what way you add a gold accent it will surely make your tablescape sparkle!
Mini Pumpkins & Corn
Simple & easy to do! You can get mini pumpkins and corn ears at the grocery store, we like the white pumpkins. These you can add along your tablescape with some silver antlers, or put them in a bell jar or planter! This is one of the simplest Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas you can do, especially if you use items you already have around the house. Luckily mini pumpkins, gourds and corn ears are super festive through all of fall, so you may already have some laying around your house!
Dish Gardens
thanksgiving centerpiece ideas
Dish gardensare so versatile! You can add vase fillers, floating candles or flowers to dish gardens to create a simple centerpiece! Simply add a bit of water and your choice of item to float on top. By adding flowers you can add a different kind of beautiful floral arrangement.

Burlap creates a classic fall look! Tie burlap ribbon around a cylinder vase or use a burlap table runner! This creates a natural look and you can add anything with the burlap and it will only elevate it further. Still not sure how to put it together? No worries, our very own Laura stopped by Scene on 7 to show you just how to create a fabulous Thanksgiving centerpiece. She even has a few ideas on how to transition your centerpiece through the holidays!

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas you come up with, they're sure to impress everyone who comes to your Thanksgiving feast!
thanksgiving centerpiece ideas