August 07, 2019 2 min read

Home is where the heart is, and you want it to feel like a home, not a house. Creating a feeling in your home that you love can be simple, and accomplished in a just a few easy steps. A whimsical atmosphere is a perfect, inviting atmosphere to have in your home, especially if you love hosting guests.

When you first move in, a new house can feel a bit drab. After all, it's empty and doesn't have any love or TLC to fill it up yet. Creating that whimsical atmosphere can give your home the perfect feel. So we've come up with our five favorite ways to create this kind of atmosphere in your home!

Whimsical Atmosphere

Adding flowers and greenery, faux or fresh, makes your home look alive. It creates and inviting and lush touch that reminds people of fairy gardens. Having unexpected hanging greenery is perfect for keeping space on your surfaces, while still keeping that same feeling of a lush atmosphere in your home.

Twinkling Lights
String lights are perfect no matter the occasion. From tiny fairy lights you can put in vases and terrariums, to larger globe lights that you can string along the handrails of your deck, there are endless options to creating a beautiful glow. Having a glow like this is essential to a whimsical atmosphere, it just screams quaint and fanciful.
Whimsical Atmosphere
Delicate Touches

Having little touches of delicate items create a storybook feel throughout your home. Having items such as dried flowers in dainty vases, creates a delicate and colorful touch to your decor.

Having delicate, almost unreal accents create a feeling that makes your guests feel like they're almost in a cottage that's hidden within a secret garden.

Soft Color Palette
Using soft colors like white, blush and sage green can give your home a whimsy and inviting feel, especially when there's a lot of candlelight as well. Having a muted, garden inspired color palette is the perfect way to begin to create a whimsical atmosphere before you even begin adding furniture, plants or accent pieces.
Cozy Extras

Having a lot of chunky blankets, pillows and comfy furniture is not only a wonderful for yourself and your guests, but perfect for creating that inviting atmosphere that you're looking for in your home.

Having these touches not only make your home feel cozier, but perfect for hosting your guests. These extras are the final touch to creating a whimsical atmosphere that's not only beautiful to look at, but inviting to be in. No matter how big or small your home is, you can create a whimsical atmosphere with just a few small touches.

This creates a perfect at-home feel that your guests will love time and time again. Plus, a cozy home like this is an even better excuse to have people over more, or to relax in on the weekends!

Whimsical Atmosphere