July 31, 2019 4 min read

Planning your wedding is so fun and exciting, and each day that passes, you feel even happier. But, as each day passes, inevitable stress about planning everything can get bigger and bigger, making you nervous and anxious.

This is something everyone expects to happen. However, you don’t have to accept it and do nothing about it, because with our tips you will be able to relax and wait for your day calmly.
Create a wedding book
Since the wedding plans start a long time before the actual wedding, you have more than enough time to create a wedding book. You can use it as a reminder and a checklist about what you have left to do. List all the contacts like a florist, caterer, decorator, hairstylist, and everything else you might need. The benefit is that everything will be neatly organized in one place, and you can even keep it as a cute memory.
Delegate the tasks
wedding planning anxiety
You have to accept the fact that you can’t organize everything by yourself. The best thing is to give your friends and family some tasks and take the burden off from you. Your sister or girlfriend can be in charge of the flowers. Your husband's brother or friend can help to create the drinks list. Make one person in charge of the wedding cake, the other decoration. Give them directions clearly and say what you want, just let them finish it for you. After all, you can always hire a wedding planner if everything becomes a bit too much.
Talk with your significant other
Whatever problem you encounter along the way (and believe me you will), make sure you talk it over with your partner. Solve the problem together and make them a part of the decision-making process, because this is a team job you have to do. Besides, communication is the key, and who can understand you better than the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Have some free time before the wedding
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Once you start planning, leave some time before the wedding so that you can summarize everything and check if all the details are in order. This will help you relax, once you see everything is ok, you will be able to physically rest, since chances are the last few weeks are going to be pretty hectic.

Relax and pamper yourself

As the wedding gets closer, it is time to start thinking about yourself. Pamper yourself and your partner by booking spa treatments that will relax your minds and bodies. This will make you feel and look great, and it will definitely be necessary after all the planning.

Also, you can always turn to nature and include to hemp oil for anxiety your everyday life. Being one with nature is always relaxing, right?

Have a back-up plan or a rehearsal
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Of course, you don't want anything to go wrong on your wedding day, but accidents sometimes happen. Your best option is to create a back-up plan for the menu, seating arrangements, weather conditions, dresses, and suits. If nothing happens great, but you will feel calm and safe. A good rehearsal to see how you manage the preparations and stress, but in a more relaxing atmosphere is an engagement party. So, this can be a try-out before the actual thing.

Spend time with your friends and family
During the whole process, your family and friends will probably be the biggest support, aside from your partner. Make sure they are there to ease your fears or anxiety, especially the night before the wedding. They will take your mind off from the and things and won't let you overthink every little detail.
Don’t let the drama get you
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Both of your families will try to have a say in the planning. It is important to respectfully tell them from the start how the two of you want things to be done so they can follow. This way, you won’t have unpleasant situations that can stress you.
Learn to be confident
Many women deal with feelings of insecurity when it comes to their wedding look. Know that you are the bride and whatever you wear, this is the happiest day of your life, and it is reason enough to feel extra beautiful. Pick the dress you feel most comfortable and natural in, and you will certainly look radiant.
Know when to take a break
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There is nothing shameful in feeling overwhelmed. However, you have to know when to take a break from everything and isolate from the preparations. It is especially important not to let it affect your relationship with your partner, so if you feel like you need it, you can try couple's therapy. It is a good way to resolve some issues you might have and get some advice on how to deal with it efficiently. Besides this will help you focus on your love.

With so many details needed for planning a wedding, it is hard to keep calm. But, if you follow these steps, we guarantee everything will be so much easier. Take your time, start long before, and let people help so that you can relax. That is the key.