December 30, 2020 3 min read

Planning a wedding is hard enough on its own, but trying to replan and cancel the celebration due to COVID-19 is a whole different ball game. Amidst a global pandemic and social unrest, 2020 brides have been through a lot. The Knot and WeddingWire have even launched 24/7 hotlines to help couples cope. Now, as the chill of winter approaches, many brides are struggling to keep a brave face and hopeful heart.

Encourage your bride to be and give her a reason to smile again by sending her a thoughtful wedding gift. Here are a few items she might appreciate.

1. Spa Day Gift Set

Whether your bride postponed her wedding or is sticking to the original date, odds are she could use some relaxation. Encourage her to take some time for herself by gifting a spa set. You can purchase one online or make your own. Be sure to include bath salts, lotions and a candle or two to help create a spa-like atmosphere. Gift some massage oil as well to infuse a bit of romance into her spa night.

2. Custom Wine Bottle Label

For the bride who has to laugh so she won’t cry, there are custom wine bottle labels. Choose a playful and thoughtful label that makes light of 2020 and helps the bride look forward to her new wedding date. You can find a few funny ones on Etsy and most are affordable enough that you could order a dozen and give the couple an entire case of wine.

3. Bouquet of Flowers

fresh flowers

If the bride to be is a bit more sentimental, you might consider sending a bouquet her way. Try to order the arrangement close to her original wedding date if she had to cancel or postpone it. Otherwise, you can send a small bouquet whenever you feel she could use a bit of sunshine or a reason to smile. Include a thoughtful note to uplift and encourage the couple during this season of change and uncertainty.

4. Hope Chest

What do you get the bride that has everything? A hope chest could be the perfect gift. This large wooden vessel symbolizes hope in a marriage and is often used to store marriage necessities and essential home goods. However, the couple may also fill it with sentimental items and heirlooms they hope to pass onto their future children. Include a heartfelt note sharing your hope for their marriage and all the blessings to come, despite their current challenges.

5. Matching Robes

Sometimes, the best gifts are the simplest ones. Sending your favorite couple matching robes is never a bad idea, especially as colder weather approaches. Find a cute print they’ll both love or stick with classic plaid and find a material that will keep them warm all season long. Bonus points if you throw in a pair of cute mugs and some hot cocoa mix for a cozy date night in.

In Her Shoes

As you brainstorm a few different gift ideas, put yourself in the bride’s shoes. What would you want if you were getting married this month or had to postpone your wedding? No gift can take the place of the joy she would have felt on her original wedding day, but a thoughtful gift might soothe her sadness and encourage her as she looks forward to the new date.