December 26, 2017 3 min read

The end of your wedding night has come, it's time for the wedding send off! Now what are your guests going to pick up for your send off? Good question, and you have no idea.

Wedding send offs are a tricky thing. You want your wedding send off to be cute, but it also needs to fit in with you and your spouse. However, you're not sure which wedding send off is right for you. Luckily we have a few options, along with the pros and cons of each, to help you decide!


Using rice as your wedding send off is one of the more traditional options you can choose. However, a lot of people have moved away from throwing rice in recent years. This is due to rumors that if birds ate the rice their stomachs would explode. While this fortunately isn't true, a lot of people opt for other things to use at their send off instead of rice. If you're still unsure about the bird and rice thing, you can have your guests throw bird seed - which definitely won't harm the birds. wedding send off


This is a new, and rather beautiful trend, sparklers literally give you a sparkling wedding send off. Sparklers look great in photographs, especially if your wedding send off is after the sun sets. The only downside is that this involves an open flame. So if there are a lot of kids at your big day, you may not want them near your send off sparklers. Couples also need to check with their wedding venue to be sure that sparklers are allowed.

wedding send off


Getting little individual bubble bottles in bulk is super easy. You can get them at practically any craft or party store since they are popular favors for parties, weddings and other events. Having guests blow bubbles at you wedding send off makes for cute photography and it's fun for the kids. Bubbles also make great wedding favors if you want to personalize them! That way you can knock out two birds with one stone!

Biodegradable confetti

Having biodegradable confetti is a good option if you want to be earth friendly. Using biodegradable confetti is a great alternative to traditional confetti. A lot of traditional confetti is made of plastic, and can be difficult to clean up after the celebration. Plus, some venues ban glitter and confetti because of how it is difficult to clean up. Since plastic takes over 400 years to decompose, you may not want to throw all that out. Biodegradable confetti gives you something to throw without any worry of harming the environment since it just melts away with water.

Silly string

wedding send off Definitely the messiest option, but also a fun one. You can show off your silly side by having guests spray out silly string when you have your wedding send off. Using silly string may mess up your dress or tuxedo, but it may be the send off you're looking for. But your inner child will be thrilled! In lieu of a traditional send off you could also just have a silly string fight at the end of the celebration!

Flower petals

You can use fresh, dried or silk flower petals for this one. Using petals look a little more elegant than confetti. However, it still adds an elegant and colorful touch to your wedding send off. Fresh and dried petals are a bit more earth friendly than silk petals. But any of these will give you the bright send off you're looking for!

Glow Sticks

If your reception ends in the evening and you don't want to use sparklers, but still want a glow, using glow sticks is a great option! You can still have the brightening effect without the hazard if your venue doesn't allow flames or you have a lot of kids there.

Your wedding send off is your first step into your married life, and no matter what you choose to do your send off with, it will be amazing.

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