January 12, 2024 2 min read

Woofs and Wedding Vows: How to Involve a Dog in Your Ceremony


Weddings should involve everyone you love most in the world! That may mean including your dog if you’re a pet parent. Use these ideas to involve your dog in your ceremony and make your wedding spectacular. You’ll personalize every tradition while celebrating with the pup who brings you so much joy.

1. Pick Their Purpose


After deciding to involve your dog in your ceremony, you’ll need to search for dog-friendly venues. You wouldn’t want to pay the average $11,200 price tag and discover the venue won’t allow your dog on the property.


Venue coordinators will want to know how your dog will be in your wedding to discuss where they’ll spend time on the property. Consider what your dog could learn to do. They might carry a box with your rings down the aisle, bark to announce your newly married status or follow you back down the aisle.

2. Start Training Right Away


Research shows that 44% of millennials consider their pets to be like children or family members. If you feel the same about your dog, turn your snuggle time into training opportunities. They’ll need to learn their role in your ceremony and potentially perform it in the coming weeks or months.


Practice rewarding them with treats as they learn how to do whatever you need them to do during your wedding. Your training could include sitting for long periods, remaining quiet or barking on command.


Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to train most effectively. Researchers found positive reinforcement and low-power shock collars created the same results when used in canine training. Use whichever method your dog responds to and they’ll quickly understand how to stay involved in your wedding.

3. Hire a Caretaker


Someone will need to watch your pup before and after your ceremony. You’ll be too busy getting ready or participating in your reception to monitor them constantly. Consider hiring a family member, friend or freelance dog sitter to be your pup’s companion for the day.


Dogs need socialization, which is one reason why the pet daycare industry made $1.12 billion in 2021 and remains on a growth track. Your pup may also have a bathroom accident or chew something due to anxiety if no one’s around. It’s a small price to add to your wedding budget and worth every penny.

Plan the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Wedding


You’ll have an incredible time involving your dog in your ceremony if you remember these tips. Book a dog-friendly venue, ensure your pup has the training they need to participate and hire someone to watch them all day. You’ll have a stress-free experience and make memories with your favorite dog.