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Author: Laura Mazzola

Floating Candles? How Do They Work?

You’re looking for candles online, and you stumble across something you’ve never heard of before…floating candles? What. On. Earth. What is a floating candle? You might think this is a silly question! But really, there are a lot of people who call our office and want to know ~ what is a floating candle…and how can you use them? So we are here to give you all the candle information you need that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to floating candles and how to use them. A floating candle is a candle that when...

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Purchasing Candles for Summer Weddings!

It’s summer wedding season! There are a few things to remember when ordering candles for summer weddings. Around our office we get calls all the time regarding candles and when you should order those for your wedding.  The simple fact is that candles are made of wax, and wax can melt in extreme heat. This is why we offer some tips and suggestions on getting your candles for summer weddings or events! If you live in a super-hot climate and you’ve had some time to plan, we strongly suggest ordering your candles prior to the summer. This allows for...

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Wedding How To: Choosing Your Candle Color

Color Wheel, Color Harmony, & Color in Context! We know that choosing your candle color is personal and we know that color is of utmost importance to decorators. Colors can vary wildly even if a color has the same name. There are about a million shades of ivory and a million opinions on which one is right! So when it comes to planning, how do you go about choosing your candle color for your event? Let’s first start with why do you need a candle? Is this for your Wedding? Is this for a corporate event, for your church, school, or...

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Need To Get Wax Out of Candle Holders? Here Are 3 Easy Tricks!

When you need to get wax out of candle holders, this drive folks crazy! Trust us, we know! We get phone calls every day with customers asking how to get wax out of candle holders after the candle has burned down in their holder. We want to make this an easy task for you and one that doesn’t take too much time. The clean up after a candle burns down can take forever, especially if you use candles that liquefy. When you need to get wax out of candle holders you can feel a little defeated. You’ve tried everything. You’ve stuck a...

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Wedding Aisle Decor? Here’s 5 Easy Ideas

Aisles & Weddings go hand in hand, just like the Bride & Groom! Creating your perfect wedding aisle can be simple and hassle free with these 5 ideas! We like to KEEP IT SIMPLE so you can create a wedding aisle effortlessly that will welcome your guests, be safe for aisle traffic, and create an AMAZING look! We also like to keep cost in mind. You CAN create a magical aisle on a budget! Idea #1 There’s no doubt mason jars are easily accessible! Friends and family probably have more than they care to divulge! A simple mason jar...

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