September 09, 2020 3 min read

You're proud of your home and want it to look its best, which means cleaning frequently or even daily. It's likely frustrating to spend your time straightening things up, only to look at the same cluttered areas because there's nowhere else to put anything.

Check out these 10 creative organization hacks for your home to solve your clutter problems for good. You'll transform any challenging space without breaking the budget.

  1. Stock up on Shower Rings

You can find shower rings at most stores, and they often sell for a dollar per set. Pick one up during your next trip out to town and snap them onto hangers in your closet. Slide tank top straps and scarves through each ring to maximize how many things you can put on one hanger.

  1. Utilize a Pegboard

Craft lovers everywhere can utilize a pegboard to organize their supplies. Add hooks and rods to hang things like thread, bolts of fabric or balls of yarn. Rearrange them as needed if you must expand your inventory or find new hobbies.

  1. Cover Tin Cans

Before you recycle any more tin cans, think about gluing decorative paper around the sides to become storage for your pens and pencils. Go even further and upcycle them with classy materials so no one can ever tell they were cans in the first place.

  1. Put Cans in Magazine Holders

Now that you've emptied your pantry, get magazine holders and put canned food in them instead. They'll roll into place every time you grab one from the bottom and easily display their labels so you can immediately know what ingredients you have for your next meal.

  1. Hang Shoe Organizers

Cleaning supplies fit perfectly into door-hanging shoe organizers. Put rolls of toilet paper in empty pockets to avoid cluttering your closets with TP packages.

  1. Rethink Your Trash Bags

Get rid of the unsightly boxes of trash bags under your kitchen sink and hang a paper towel roll instead. The trashbags slide right on and unroll easily anytime you need one.

  1. Use Clear Spice Jars

plants in pots

Clear, unlabeled spice jars are perfect for storing pencil lead, eraser tips, tacks and paper clips. Tips like these will make your distance learning successful no matter what grades your children have to conquer from home. They'll always know where their supplies are so they can spend more time focusing on learning.

  1. Get Shower Rods

Find a shower rod that fits the length of your cabinets and use them to hang spray bottles. You can also install them over your laundry machines so they double as hanging storage and a dryer line.

  1. Divide Drawers With Cardboard

Your sock drawer doesn't always have to look like the laundry basket exploded all over it. Cut cardboard boxes into drawer separators so you can organize your dresser for all the little things like socks and underwear. This tip even works in much smaller spaces, like your jewelry box or makeup drawer.

  1. Re-purpose a Wine Rack

Hang a wine bottle rack in your bathroom and store rolled-up towels on each set of hooks. This strategy works in closets, bathrooms or outside by your pool, depending on where you need towel storage.

Draft Your List

Make a list of all the areas around your home that you wish were more organized, and then tackle those troublesome spaces with these helpful tips. Keep up with your efforts, and these creative organizational hacks will make your home look and feel more spacious for as long as you live there.