by Oscar Collins September 15, 2020 2 min read

Selecting a smart wedding registry can be a rather tricky task. After all, you don't want or need a $500 blender — even though your friend might insist. You and your partner have to consider your authentic selves rather than what anyone else thinks. This way, you can make your experience pleasurable rather than a hassle.

Here's a look at how to create a wedding registry that makes sense.

1. Consider Your Own Style

This time isn't about anyone else. Therefore, you and your partner shouldn't include items that other people want to see. For example, your parents may want to gift a set of gold vintage candle holders for your dining room. They won't fit your style whatsoever. Try to design a wedding registry that resembles a guide on you and your partner's lifestyle. As a result, your guests can learn more about you both.

You don't have to compromise. Instead, you should stay true to your genuine interests. Your goals should be accurately reflected as you make your list, as well.

2. Think About Practicality

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It's smart to register practical gifts, too. Take a look around your home to see what you and your partner will need for married life. From bed linens to silverware, you'll likely need "boring" items, as well. 

Do you need beer to stock your bar? Good news. Beer can last up to 12 months, so it's a helpful and fun idea to ask people to gift their favorite brews. In other words, you should think about items you'll actually use.

Your partner should also consider their needs. If they like to entertain, they may need a specific dinnerware or silverware collection. You can work together to create a list that benefits your needs as a couple and as individuals.

3. Give Everyone a Choice

You should establish a wedding registry that encompasses your and your partner's interests. That said, you still need to give your guests a choice. Did you know 33% of Americans have considered skipping a wedding due to cost-related concerns? A person who can't spend more than $50 will feel discouraged when they browse a registry with $100+ items and experiences listed.

This situation leads them to guess what you'd like to receive since they'll have to buy from an outside source. Take a look at your wedding registry to see how you can modify your items accordingly. A cheaper assortment of cookie sheets will work as well as any others. Be sure to register at two to four places, as well.

Use These Ideas for a Wedding Registry You and Your Partner Will Love

Your wedding registry doesn't have to be an impossible task. Use these tips and tricks to create a list of items you and your partner will use — and appreciate.