July 24, 2019 2 min read

While planning a wedding can be stressful, wedding decorating can be a cake walk when you want to keep it classic. Having classic wedding decorations doesn't make it basic, after all, it's classic.

We've thought through all the classic looks we've seen time and time again. So, we've rounded up our top five picks for classic wedding decorations that are essential to all classic weddings.
Cylinder Vases
Naturally we had to have cylinder vases as our number one pick on this list. They do it all. Cylinder vases can hold flowers, floating candles, pillar candles and a variety of other things. Deciding if you want standard, wide or tall cylinder vases is the biggest decision you'll have to make here.
Votive Holders

Classic Wedding Decorations

No tablescape or cocktail table is complete without votive candles & holders. Clear votive candle holders are a stunning, classic choice to add a little extra glow to you wedding decorations. A standard votive holder will also hold tealight candles for an easy and simple clean-up if you don't want to deal with your votives completely liquefying in the holder.

White & Ivory Candles

Candles are definitely a wedding essential. However, white and ivory candles are definitely a part of the classic wedding decorations. White and ivory became classics because they match any setting you put them in.

You can choose a variety of candle types, but white and ivory will match every time. Choosing your candle color is up to you, but knowing that white and ivory will match all your other decorations is a welcome relief.

Silver & Gold Accents

Classic Wedding Decorations

Like cylinder vases, metallic accents are a must for classic wedding decorations. The upside to accents is you can sprinkle them in however you would like. You can have metal vases, metal taper holders or metallic charger plates.

The options for this are endless and allow you to create as little, or as much of a splash as you want. Silver and gold are the traditional metallic choices, but copper and rose gold are popping up more and more as trendy metallic choices.


Lace is another classic wedding touch. While it's often found on gowns, ribbon and other small accent pieces. You can use lace candle holders or table runners to create a vintage classic touch to your wedding decorations. Lace can come in a variety of patterns that can tie things like your tablescape and bouquet together.

Lace falls more on the vintage inspired side of classic, but it's so timeless that we had to include it! Classic wedding decorations come in a variety of options that make it easy for any bride to make unique for her big day. Classic wedding decorations just make it a bit easier for couples to find their inspiration in a lot of places.

Classic Wedding Decorations