September 28, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 4 Clever Ways to Cut Costs


Getting married is a pricey proposition. According to a survey by Student Loan Hero, nearly three in four couples report taking on debt to finance their ceremony.


What if you and your fiance don’t want to begin your married life with extra bills? Here are four clever ways to cut costs.

1. Something Borrowed

Do you know the phrase, "something borrowed, something blue"? It doesn't have to apply to clothing alone. For example, a friend with a restored classic car might let you use it for your getaway vehicle. You can repay the favor by detailing it, gently treating the leather and trim, before you return their ride. Bye-bye costly limo costs!

There's no end to things you can borrow, including your gown. Have you ever considered how unfair it is that guys can rent a tux and spare thousands in expenses? You can follow their lead - your bridesmaids will also appreciate this option.


2. Investigate Creative Financing


Are you considering using credit cards to cover costs? They can keep you trapped in debt for years, with some featuring interest rates as high as 23%.


If you own your house, a home equity line of credit is one low-interest option for financing your big day. What if you aren’t there yet? Why not investigate auto refinancing? You could save a considerable sum if you borrowed at a high rate when you were younger and put the excess toward your wedding. Rates are as low as 2.49% in some cases, way better than a credit card.


3. Stay Close to Home


Traveling isn’t the greatest. You have to live out of suitcases, you invariably forget to pack an essential item or two, and you deal with jet lag for days afterward. There’s nothing wrong with honeymooning closer to home.


Today, you can rent an RV and indulge in luxury glamping with everything you need in your ride. You can even find gorgeous free places to set up camp if you head out west.


Unless you have strong religious reasons to exchange your vows in a specific church, you can save a bundle by hosting your ceremony and reception at home. What if you don’t have a suitable property? Do you know any friends who own a farm with a barn that might serve as a stunning backdrop? If so, covered hay bundles make excellent replacement pews, sparing you the expense of renting chairs while keeping a rustic theme.


4. Go the DIY Route


Your florist will cost a bundle, as will dozens of party favors. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little DIY action, especially if you’re the crafty sort.


You can create favors, entry bags, centerpieces, and garlands months before your ceremony. Creative homemade signs direct guests to where they need to be while costing little.


Clever Ways to Cut Wedding Costs


Weddings are expensive. However, starting married life in debt can lead to lasting trouble. Instead, consider these clever ways to cut wedding costs. You can have a beautiful ceremony on the cheap.