May 29, 2019 3 min read

So you're engaged. This is one of the most memorable life events! Now it's time to share your happiness with your loved ones.

Engagement parties are the perfect event to share your recent engagement with your friends and loved ones! It can be simple or extravagant, but either way, engagement party planning takes a bit of effort for you and your fiancé to plan!
The guest list

engagement party planning

Who to invite? Well, you could go by the standard of inviting people that will be in attendance at the actual wedding. If you're having a larger wedding, or are not sure of who will be invited, stick with close friends and family.

Engagement parties don't have to be extravagant, and can be just as special with your closest loved ones. If you plan to have a lot of guests there, be prepared to budget for the extra food and drinks, and how that may impact your wedding budget.

The venue
engagement party planning With engagement party planning being less intense than wedding planning, the hunt for a venue isn't nearly as difficult. A lot of people just have their engagement parties at home.
While your planning your engagement party, think about the size of your home. Is it big enough to accommodate the number of guests you want to come? If not try reaching out to either your or your fiancé's parents about hosting the party at their home. This way you can also have parents involved with the engagement party planning process, which can take some of the stress off of you.
The decor

engagement party planning Again, the engagement party planning should be much simpler than the wedding planning process. You don't need a lot of decor to make the engagement party special, or fun. Decorate a few tables with candles and holders, and leave it at that.

The engagement party is about you and your new fiancé. So the decor is really just a finishing touch to the party! If you love flowers you can have a few small bud vases filled with blooms scattered around the party as well.

The food

engagement party planning Unlike a wedding, usually an engagement party will not include a full meal. Have some light snacks for your guests. Standard party snacks can include charcuterie boards, dips, or small bites. If you want, you can make your engagement party a snack potluck and have each guest contribute a snack!

Make sure to make the snacks appropriate for the time of day. If your party is early afternoon you can have brunch type snacks like muffins and pastries if that's what you and your fiancé like.

The drinks
engagement party planning Like the food, you want your drinks to be time appropriate. If you have an early afternoon brunch engagement party, serve coffee, tea and mimosas to coordinate the food and drinks. Since the bar is one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding planning, you can skip drinks altogether and just serve water and iced tea. This is all up to you and your fiancé's personal taste and vibe you're going for.
Engagement party planning doesn't have to be as difficult or intense as wedding planning! There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to planning the celebration of your engagement. So take it easy and celebrate this special time as an engaged couple with your friends and family. engagement party planning