July 17, 2019 3 min read

Your wedding day will be an amazing payoff after months of planning, so you deserve to relax on this special day! Taking the right steps before your day will ensure that you, the happy couple, will be able to enjoy the party of your life and blissfully celebrate your marriage. By creating an itinerary for not only your wedding but also the week before, you can be zen for your big day.

Book a Hotel Room

Obviously, with all of the honeymoon planning, you’ve already booked a hotel room during this planning process, but you should also book a hotel room close to the venue for the day before your wedding. This is a great idea if your venue is far away or if the ceremony is early in the morning.

In both cases, you’ll need as much time to get ready as possible. Booking a hotel room for the night before the big day can also be a good time to spend a little more time with your guys and girls (aka the wedding party) before you take the next big step!

Plan Out Your Pre-Wedding Rituals
Relaxing Wedding Day
It might seem extreme, but you should schedule out everything you need to do before the ceremony. This will help you stay on time so there’s no stress to rush to finish your hair and go to the venue. Consider how long everything will take and make a general schedule for the day. When are your hair and makeup teams coming? Are you getting gifts for your wedding party? This schedule may be more essential for the bride and the bridesmaids, but don’t forget the groomsmen! After getting dressed, consider getting quirky groomsmen pictures or playing a game of poker to pass the time.
Pamper Properly

On the day of your wedding, you won’t have time to pamper yourself because you’ll be getting ready for the big celebration. Any pampering or preparation, other than hair and makeup, should take place within the week before. If you plan on getting facials as a couple for glowy skin or waxing your legs, get it done during the week so you’ll feel relaxed and fully prepped for your day.

For the groom, if you’re shaving your face, then you need to use the necessary shaving products for a smooth and moisturized shave. For the perfect 5 o'clock shadow, you should shave a day or two before.

Eat Breakfast

If your reception isn’t scheduled for a couple of hours after the ceremony, then you really should eat breakfast in the morning. With all the commotion of traveling to the venue, the ceremony, and the pictures, there won’t be time for food! Plan a cute breakfast to accompany your wedding party so you can take a couple of moments to relax for your busy day ahead. Include some grains, like wheat bread or oatmeal, with some fruit to keep you fueled and keep your appetite at bay during the day.

Spend Some Alone Time Together
Relaxing Wedding Day

The day of your wedding is going to be filled with dancing, family, friends, and food! Of course, the ceremony and reception are all about you and your significant other, but you may not get a lot of alone time together. Write a letter to your honey telling them how you feel about this special day. You can have someone in your wedding party deliver it while they are getting ready!

Another option is to read the letters you wrote to each other during your first look. You can connect and be alone (with your wedding photographer, of course) before the ceremony. Plus you can keep the letter as a memory of your wedding day for years to come.