April 27, 2016 2 min read

How to Plan Your Next Party Using Black Floating Candles!

Are you hosting a party and searching for a different look to WOW your guests? Well then, this DIY is right for you! With tips from Joel Kirby with Curly Willow Designs you are sure to impress even the most discerning guests. King of Spunky design, Joel provides this simple design idea where you can use items right from your very own home without having to spend a fortune!

What you will need:

  • Multiple sizes of Cylinder Vases
  • Kitchen Utensils in black or silver
  • Black Floating Candles
  • Water


Black Floating Candles

Step 1:Grab your cylinder vases.

Step 2:Open your utensil drawers and start picking unique shapes and sizes of black plastic or silver utensils. Make sure the utensils will fit in the space offered by the cylinder vase. The height of the utensils will come into play if they are too tall and your floating candle cannot sit evenly atop the water.

Step 3:Pour water over the utensils. Do not place too much water. Make sure that you take into consideration the floating candle and the amount of space it will take to ensure the flame stays below the lip of the vase.

Step 4:Take your floating candle, and holding by the wick, gently place in the water making sure the wick does not get wet. Grab a match or lighter and light the candle.

Step 5:In this video, Joel chooses to add in one of our other favorite products, the chalkboard votive holders! If you’d like to re-create his look, simply check out our here to personalize your party!

This video gives you a peak into how easy it is to create intrigue in design by simply using household items. It proves you don’t have to be a designer or have deep wallets to provide your guests with a beautiful experience surrounded by creative candle glow.Joel always provides great tips and my favorite from this video is a vase can be a magnifying glass for whatever you choose to place inside! As simple as placing a favorite item or themed product inside a clear glass vase with some water and no candle on top, you’ve created this interesting focal point on a counter or table within your very own home! And how many of us have vases and favorite items that are tucked away where we can’t see them? Well pull them out and get busy designing!

Don’t ever underestimate the impact a floating candle can have on your space! Alone in a vase or a bowl, floaters create ambiance. Top that off with adding a few moments to design, a floating candle can be the topping on a creative design masterpiece. The combination of cylinder vases & vase fillers really can the best possible way to design! From centerpieces for weddings or corporate events to simply designing a stunning focal point on your dining room table use cylinder vases and floating candles each and every time to achieve your look, your way!

You truly don’t have to be an expert to create your very own AMAZING!