April 27, 2016 3 min read


How do you use pillar candle sets for home or event decorating?

Pillar candles are large, long lasting candles. Normally formed in the shape of a cylinder, they have a timeless, elegant look. These characteristics make pillars a popular choice for decorating. Almost any beautiful home or event space has a setting that includes some pillar candles. There are some simple steps to follow to use pillar candles to decorate your home or event.
  1. Choose the correct sizes for the space.
  2. Choose the correct colors.
  3. Choose how many pillars to include in the set.
A combination of 2" and 3" Pillar Candles.

Decide on the correct size pillar candle

Before we can start building our beautiful pillar sets, we need to understand the setting where they will be used. Is it a small table in a small room? Will it be in a ball room next to a giant wedding cake? It is important you use the correct size pillar. There are many common sizes of pillars.2" Diameter Pillar CandlesThese candles are the smallest pillars. These pillars work great in small spaces. The 2 inches refers to the candle diameter, not the height. Here are the common sizes: 2" x 3" , 2" x 6", 2" x 9"3" Diameter Pillar CandlesThese candles are by far the most popular size pillars. They look great in almost any setting. The 3 inches refers to the candle diameter, not the height. Here are the common sizes: 3" x 3" , 3" x 4", 3" x 6", 3" x 9", 3" x 12"4" Diameter Pillar CandlesThese candles are very large and can dominate a setting. They should be used in very open settings where you want to draw attention to the candles. Due to their large size they are not used frequently and can be difficult to find a good selection. Many of these may also have more than one wick. Here are some common sizes: 4" x 4", 4" x 6", 4" x 8"The easy way to choose the correct size is this:Very small, intimate settings: use a 2" diameter pillar candle.Very large, open settings: use a 4" diameter pillar candle.Everywhere else: use a 3" diameter pillar candle.If in doubt, go with a 3" diameter pillar candle.

Choose the correct Color Pillar Candles

When I was younger, my mother told me that white goes with anything. She was right. White is a great starting point when choosing which color to use. For those that want to use colors, remember to use the to help match the color with the color of the room it is in. Offering a color that is opposite on the color wheel from the color of the room will add a nice contrast and help your candles stand out.

Choose how many Pillar Candles to use in your set by using layers

In design, a very basic definition of layering is a way of arranging things in a way that a quantity of something covers a certain area…in our case, we are talking about layering different heights of pillar candles to create this layered look. With layering the opportunities are endless, and with ready to use graduated sizes of candles or glassware your desired layered look can be created with ease! I am a big believer in the power of three! There is something special about the number three in design too! Combining and layering in sets of three creates a peaceful feeling and added dimension to your table. Not just the height difference but the way the candles glow at different heights instantly creates a feeling of warmth in your space!For event WOW factors we are in love with massing candles down the center of long tables and layering them by height. The look creates AMAZING candle glow and will delight and glow throughout your event. Guests remember how events made them feel and this look of candles en masse will have them talking for years to come!When creating AMAZING, layering will give you just what you need to impress your guests. And these simple tips will have you looking like a design pro!If your AMAZING look will consist of Pillar Candles, click here for everything you need!