May 18, 2017 4 min read

Color Wheel, Color Harmony, & Color in Context! We know that choosing your candle color is personal and we know that color is of utmost importance to decorators.

Colors can vary wildly even if a color has the same name. There are about a million shades of ivory and a million opinions on which one is right! So when it comes to planning, how do you go about choosing your candle color for your event?

choosing colors for candles

Let’s first start with why do you need a candle? Is this for your Wedding? Is this for a corporate event, for your church, school, or your very own home? Figuring out what your candles are for can always help you decide what colors to start looking at.Did you know there is a science to color choice? Some folks might be just like me and like what you like! But others might have a harder time choosing a color that works! The Color Wheel is a great place to start. This simple wheel dates back to 1666 when Sir Isaac Newton created a circular diagram of color. This wheel guides you in a visual fashion to see which colors work together.

When you are at the beginning of planning and you have a few ideas, the color wheel is a great starting point. Pull this handy tool out and get to work choosing your candle color that will complement the decor and make for a great experience for your guests. Of course, you can always just experiment with colors and see what fits your aesthetic.

Color Harmony simply means color that is appealing to the eye. This is a big one when it comes to events. From the moment guests arrive, you want to make sure that the first colors they see are ones that engage and welcome. As you move about the space within the event, colors can change and themes can go from one room to another but keeping in mind color and how they work together to create a harmonious setting is time well spent!

Color in Context is relationship between colors and shapes. This is a tricky one, as some colors against other colors can produce an uneasy feeling while others seem to melt together. As you think about placing a candle color atop a certain color of table cloth, you might want to place the two together to ensure the look is what you had in your mind. Warmth or coolness of respective hues can affect our perception of color too!So let’s go through a couple of occasions where you are choosing your candle color.

Let’s start with Weddings

You are trying to choose the best candle color for your BIG Day! You have dreamed of this day forever! If you want candle light for your wedding and reception, our number one piece of advice is to stick with white candles for a wedding! White candles will absolutely blend with every other color under the sun. From your bridesmaids dresses to your flower choices, white will not interfere!

Well, some might say but I have an ivory dress and I want everything to be ivory. But, white even compliments ivory! Keep in mind most candles are not directly next to you, or your dress. Plus once a candle is lit the focus becomes on the glow of the candle and not particularly the color!

If you want accent colors, can you simply add those by way of fresh or silk flowers, your bridesmaid dresses, and other touches around the room! You can always add smaller votive type candles to create a small splash of your accent color. But keeping it simple with white wedding candles takes color out of the equation on this day. Then all the issues that might happen when trying to match colors exactly won't happen!

For Corporate & Non-Profit Events

These are two great places that our customers use candles! Candle glow is an inexpensive way to add ambiance to your event without a huge crunch on your budget! Most corporations & non-profits start with a theme! This is the natural starting point for choosing a color! Based on your theme, create a color board to bring the vision to life! Referencing a color wheel might assist in this type of function as usually there are many folks involved in the planning and this simple devise can narrow the focus for a group!

School Events

This is an easy one! Your school has a mascot and a color! Well run with it! Use the school color as your dominate color and then work on a color wheel to bring in accent colors that compliment. Choosing pillar, floating, votive, or even led tealights in a color of choice will add so much to your surroundings at the event.

For the Home

It’s your home! It’s your little piece of heaven away from the world! Create a space filled with all of your favorite colors! An easy way to do that is bringing in candles. From loading up colored candles on your mantle to accent candle colors in bathrooms and bedrooms. Color is a personal choice and many of us feel strongly about the colors we love. But why not pull out the good old color wheel and see if you can create new combinations in your home. You may surprise yourself with what combinations you like!Bottom line, we would never want to live in a world without color! So be creative, use tools, and go with your gut in choosing your candle color for whatever your need may be!