May 16, 2017 3 min read

When you need to get wax out of candle holders, this drive folks crazy! Trust us, we know! We get phone calls every day with customers asking how to get wax out of candle holders after the candle has burned down in their holder. We want to make this an easy task for you and one that doesn’t take too much time.

The clean up after a candle burns down can take forever, especially if you use candles that liquefy. When you need to get wax out of candle holders you can feel a little defeated. You've tried everything. You've stuck a toothpick, knife or something else into your candle holder to try and pry that hardened wax out of your holder! It can get frustrating, but we've got some answers so you can get wax out of candle holders without wanting to rip your hair out.First and foremost, you should never let wax burn to less than an inch in any holder. Making sure you don’t let your candle burn all the way down not just is a safety precaution. Doing this will assist in getting the left over wax out easily. If you let your candle burn down all the way, fret not! It may not be as easy, but you can still get the wax out of candle holders!
get wax out of candle holders

Three tips:

  • The first tip is simply popping the cooled holder into the freezer. This will freeze the left over wax and will shrink it. So when you take the holders out of the freezer the wax will easily pop out of the holder. Then all you need to do is clean your holder with a cloth, and it’s as good as new!
  • The second tip is placing a little water over the left over wax. The wax will release after a bit and will be able to just pour out! Same as the first tip. All you will need to do is wash your holder and it will look brand new.
  • The third tip is one from our customers that say they spray just a bit of kitchen vegetable spray in the holder. Doing this provides a bit of buffer from the wax completely adhering to the sides of the holder. They seem to have good luck. But as a disclaimer, we prefer the first two methods to get wax out of candle holders

We do not suggest using water in the bottom of your holder. By placing water in the bottom of a candle holder you risk the cotton wick getting wet. This will greatly affect the burn time of your candles. Just remember, water and candle wicks never work together!If you would prefer to not have the hassle or even think about left over wax in your candle holders, there's options! Several of these options are:

get wax out of candle holders

Choose a traditional tealight candle with a metal cup or a clear cup tealight candle. These self-contained candles are the perfect solution to get real candle flame with no mess. You simple throw out the cup once you have burned the candle and nothing has melted in your holder. Simply re-fill next time and you never have to mess with left over wax.

You also can choose LED candle options that are now so very realistic. They will not melt, but have the appearance with real wax outer shells like a traditional candle.If you have a tip we haven’t thought of, share it with us under the comments section! We love to hear from our customers and learn new and creative ways that can help us and others!By following some of the simple tips above, you can have AMAZING candle glow and not worry about the clean up!