April 12, 2018 4 min read

No matter what the event is, if you want your table to look refined, complete and elegant, a stunning centerpiece is key. While floral centerpieces are often used for dressing up a tablescape, candles are an easy alternative that can be designed to suit the style and vibe of the event to showcase the host's taste.

There are countless gorgeous ways to make a candle centerpiece. Plus countless more ideas on how to use candles in an existing tablescape. Perhaps your table needs a floating candle centerpiece with candles relaxing in water. Maybe the event is more minimalist, leading you to create a simple centerpiece with only a few candles and sprigs of greenery. However, you may not be sure on how to use candles for centerpieces. Luckily, there are various easy DIY candle centerpieces to illuminate your table in the best light.Whether you’re decorating a table for a wedding, a dinner party, a holiday gathering or just an evening with those you love, you can use unscented, luxury scented candles or to create a modern romantic centerpiece.

how to use fragrant candles
1. Anniversary Ideas

Candles look dreamy and romantic. Especially when surrounded by a wreath of flowers or hanging from a tall floral centerpiece. So, they are the perfect accessory for creating a cozy atmosphere, and for setting a romantic mood when couples celebrate their anniversary.Just picture it: colorful, floral-scented candles, fresh flowers and sweet edible decorations all spread across the table. This combination will look festive and refined, delightful and exciting. Pair luxury candles with edible decorations and beautiful flowers in white, red, pink and purple to create an eye-catching, sentimental and beautiful table centerpiece.

Adding some romance to your special anniversary dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider turning wine glasses upside down and using the bottoms as a candle holder. By doing this, not only will you have a candle on top, but you can also enclose roses or cupcakes below. For a rustic look, pillar candles take and embellish them with twine and felt hearts.

Amazingly, Candles can immediately transform your everyday dinner table into a romantic destination. The mixture of soft lighting and an enticing fragrance produces an idyllic ambiance.

2. Greenery Ideas

If you want to include greenery with your candles in your centerpiece, there are many ways to make that happen. Just remember that sometimes the simplest centerpieces can make the most significant impact. So consider placing potted centerpieces made from maidenhair fern, Boston fern, lavender and rosemary plants with your candles for a natural, relaxed vibe.

Another delightful idea for greenery is to go big. Take a tall glass vase and fill it with lemon leaves for an eye-catching table arrangement. Pairing it with a mix of gold and champagne mercury glass candle holders, Italian ruscus, willow eucalyptus and touches of seeded eucalyptus. This will keep the vibe of your table intimate.

Other ideas include encircling a flower or moss wreath around one or more candles, adding tealights to mini-succulents for a low-effort but stylish centerpiece, and wrapping luxury candles in fresh herbs (such as rosemary) for a smell-good, look-good, simple centerpiece.

3. Sleek and Modern Ideas

For those who want a more sleek and modern vibe, opt for white candles in geometric candle holders for your centerpiece. Alternatively, a sky-high candelabra make a dramatic statement and provides a romantic feel to any table. Place these tall candles on the ends of your table for subtle elegance.

If you are having many guests, think about low centerpieces as they encourage table talk among your guests. Instead of going all out, intersperse a few tall candles for a delicate glow that still allows for easy conversation.

However, don't be scared to play with shapes and asymmetry on your tabletops by mixing and matching your luxury candles. There are countless ideas on how to use candles to create your perfect tablescape.

4. Dreamy and Dramatic Ideas
how to use candles

Set the mood for your dreamy event with silver candlesticks or for added drama, incorporate “something blue” with svelte, navy candles. If you are hosting a wedding or party with red accents, take inspiration from the movie Beauty and the Beast and submerge red roses under floating candles.

Additionally, a large centerpiece with hanging candles is utterly whimsical. Or for a birthday party, echo your birthday cake with a tiered candle centerpiece. If the event is taking place by or on a beach, incorporate your candles into a coral and oyster studded centerpiece.

Floating candles in plain glass vases look dreamy for a nighttime event. Plus, you can also ignite the route to your romantic reception with lanterns. For a stunning nighttime display, keeping it simple with a no-flower, luxury candle-filled table.

5. DIY Ideas

For those on a budget, or who like to create things with your hands, there are many ways to DIY a stunning centerpiece. An effortless way to enhance your candle centerpiece is to add pearl beads from the craft store. Alternatively, save old corks to make a beautiful DIY candle centerpiece. You can even utilize your cake stand by piling it with candles for a low-maintenance DIY centerpiece.

However, with an endless stream of ideas, there's no end on how to use candles to create a beautiful centerpiece. Whatever way you use your candles, it is sure to create a stunning display no matter what the setting is.

How do you like to style your candles? Let us know in the comments below!