April 12, 2016 3 min read

Learn how to use cylinder vases to create amazing centerpieces at your next event.

First, watch the awesome video in this post! Are you ready to use to create centerpieces? We love to share great ideas and team up with experts to bring you fabulous design ideas! So if you think you can’t create your very own designer centerpiece, we are here to help!
So, you are getting ready for an event, party, or simply sprucing up your dining room table and you realize you need a centerpiece! Many times the idea of creating a centerpiece for someone that is not a design professional instantly strikes fear. Well fear no more! With a few simple products, you can create centerpiece after centerpiece and change it up each and every time.Cylinder vases are a great foundation for creating unique centerpieces. They are inexpensive, elegant, and come in different diameters and heights. They can be filled with anything from flowers, to candles, to your favorite seasonal items!Using a set of cylinder vases in graduated sizes instantly creates dimension to your centerpiece without any work on your end! Investing in a set of cylinder vases is a sure-fire way to make sure you can create centerpieces in moments! By watching this video and keeping this handy how-to guide close by, you will become an expert in creating centerpieces!We teamed up with an amazing designer, Joel Kirby, with Curly Willow Designs to easily show you how to create a centerpiece in moments using a few key elements!

To get started you will need:

  • Set of 3 Cylinder Vases

  • Filler (Flowers, Greenery, Marbles, etc.)

  • Floating Candles

Step 1:

Fill your Cylinder Vases up with water to your desired level, this can vary with individual taste. A helpful tip is not to put in too much water, since you will be adding filler into the vase which will make the water level rise. If you will be using a candle, make sure the candle, when lit, will be fully contained within the vase. Once you have your vase filled you are ready for Step 2!

Step 2:

Find the perfect addition to insert in the water! What we love about Joel is he is all about using things in your very own space! Choosing greenery out of your yard or garden is so very simple. Once you have chosen greenery out of your yard or at the market, you simply cut the greenery to your desired height which will correspond with the height of the water! Carefully submerse the greenery down into the vase. Instantly the brightly colored greenery adds texture to the already created dimension of the heights! are another great option for using as a filler. Now that you have your greenery placed it’s time for your last step!

Step 3:

Cylinder Vase Centerpiece
Choose a floating candle color to top off your creation. What we love in the video is the contrasting color of the purple and green which creates a deep and sophisticated look for your centerpiece. To ensure proper burning of your floating candle make sure to hold the floating candle by the wick, gently place the floating candle on top of the water being careful to not get the wick wet. The beauty of using floating candles and greenery is that you can’t do it wrong! Any color you choose, whether it is your favorite color, a school color, or the color you have chosen for your event…the look will be amazing and your guests will be delighted by the beautiful centerpiece! And you don’t even have to tell them how easy it was to create!Creating your very own AMAZING centerpiece is easy and will leave your guests in awe!