April 19, 2016 3 min read

Unscented Wedding Candles
Are you getting married? Maybe your daughter or son is getting married? And you are wondering if you should use scented or unscented candles. This is not only a great question, it is a commonly asked one! We will take a look at several reasons you should use unscented candles at Weddings!Weddings are wonderful! Weddings are fabulous! Weddings tend to be filled with attendees that range in age from very little to quite old with each one of your guests having a different experience of their own on your big day! The day is filled with all 5 senses! Creating an environment that is pleasant for all includes scents, plain and simple!

A few guidelines for why it’s best to use unscented candles at weddings:

  • Allergies

    You will have many guests on this day! You may not know each and every one on a very personal level. There may be plus one guests you have never met, there might be an obligatory invite from the parents. All this combine to create a potential for unseen allergies among those attending the wedding. Unscented candles provide just that, no foreign scent added to the environment. Allergies can be severe when it comes to scents. By providing an unscented candle at your wedding venue, you are ensuring that when it comes to sneezing, coughing, or itchy eyes, none of these issues will come into play at least with a scent you provided.
  • Sensitivity to Fragrance

    This is a true and problematic issue for many. Different from an allergic reaction, sensitivity to a certain fragrance can bring on headaches, even migraines, so choosing an unscented candle will ensure all your guests get to enjoy the wedding!
  • Scent Contrast

    Most Brides use flowers as part of their big day. Depending on the flowers you choose for the wedding, most of them do come along with a fragrance of their own. If the floral scent you choose clashes at all with a scented candle option, you just might be overwhelmed. So in this case, too much of a good thing by way of scents is not a good thing!
  • Food & Scents

    Unscented Candles with foodThis is a BIG one! Your wedding is a day about including all of your 5 senses! From sight to sound, touch and taste, and smell! The sense of taste can be affected by smell. You have spent a lot of time and money to create the perfect food options for your guests, by providing an unscented candle option you are not interfering with the sense of taste. The unscented candle will provide the glow with no smell to add to the whole experience for your guests.
Some might say, well it is MY day and I love scented candles. If this is the case, there are tons of scented candle options. Many scented candles do come with a lighter fragrance load than most. Looking for a candle that has less than a 4% fragrance load will assist in the scent not being overpowering. Depending on your venue or how you have your day set up, you might be able to use some scented candles. We would simply suggest that you burn the candle in the setting where it will be placed and let it burn for a while to see how you like it and possibly get another nose or too to test it out as well!Just remember that using an unscented candle option will allow for all of your senses to engage in the special day while taking other variables out of the mix!If your wedding day choice is unscented candles, we can help make it AMAZING with options and colors of unscented candles!