April 20, 2016 3 min read

LED Candles and how to use them in the proper settings.

You’re planning a gathering at your home or a huge corporate event or any event in between and a question arises about candles! You want to use candles! Now the question becomes, what kind of candle? LED candles vs. traditional candles comes up quite a bit around the Quick Candles offices! We are here to give you a simple guide when choosing candle light, which option to choose ~ LED candles or traditional candles?There are several factors to consider when choosing which type of candle to use for your needs. Read on to help you choose just the right one!
  • Open Flame Rules

    Once you choose your location for the event one of the first questions to ask is whether or not you are allowed to have an open flame. If the answer to this question is you are not allowed to have one, then if you choose to still use a candle then LED candles are your only option. Good news is LED candles do come in tealight, votive, taper, and pillar options!
  • Location

    LED PillarWill you be in a venue that is open air or completely outside? If the answer is yes, then we highly suggest using LED candles. How many times have you been at an outdoor venue where the candles continually blow out due to the outside elements? Not only is this a nightmare for the staff, it greatly effects the feeling of the event when someone is having to move about the space to re-light candle after candle. Many times folks just give up and then you, as the event hosts, are left feeling like the event wasn’t all it could have been had there been candle glow. LED options ensure each and every time you use them you will have beautiful and hassle free candle glow.
  • Ease

    We know you are busy! When it comes to having a party or event, day of timeline can get crazy. Depending on if you have folks helping you or not, candle lighting can take some time. If you have loaded up your venue with candles to create the most beautiful glow, then the timeline would have to include a line for lighting the candles. If you use LED candle options, there are basic on/off switches for some LED candles, some come with handy remote controls where all you have to do is place the candles in the location you want and press a button right before start time. Even if you don’t choose a remote control option, there are timer options where the candle will automatically come on at the time you start it and then turn off automatically.

When to use LED Candles.

When using LED candles, there are some things to remember if you are trying to simulate a real flame. You might want to use a frosted holder. When using a frosted holder, the led candle placed inside will appear as a real flame and look beautiful. Another characteristic of LED candles that can mimick a real flame is to choose one where the light actually flickers when turned on. This will look more realistic. And lastly, choosing an LED candle that has a real wax shell will enhance the look and ambiance of the candle and setting.Don’t let a few factors stop you from lighting up your event with candle glow! LED candles can create an AMAZING look without a true flame!