April 25, 2016 2 min read

Decorating is easy using yellow floating candles!

Yellow floating candles are a bright sunshiny addition to any setting! So why not brighten up your space and create in moments a super cool look using a !Taking tips from Joel Kirby with , we can help you learn how to decorate like a pro! Joel designs events from weddings to huge galas and he shares his ideas so you can easily recreate the looks! He gives us a few tips here on creating this easy to do DIY cylinder vase using a yellow floating candle.

What you will need:

  • Cylinder Vase
  • Lemons
  • Yellow Floating Candles
  • Rocks or Pebbles
  • Water


Step 1:Grab a cylinder vase.Step 2:Fill with several lemons. The amount may vary based on your size of cylinder vase. Keep in mind once you add water you will need a little room at the top to accommodate the floating candle.Step 3:Pour water over your lemons. Do not place too much water. Make sure that you take into consideration the floating candle and the amount of space it will take to ensure the flame stays below the lip of the vase. The lemons will float once the water is poured into the vase, and that is where Step 4 comes into play.Step 4:Take your rocks or pebbles and gently pour over the lemons, you can even place a few on top to weight down the lemons. You can always adjust your water, once you have everything in place.Step 5:Take your yellow floating candle and holding by the wick making sure not to get the wick wet, place it atop the water. Grab a match or a lighter and light the yellow floating candle.Now take a step back and see your beautiful creative vase that will delight all that come through your door!What we love about floating candles and is they are a blank canvas for creating something AMAZING. With the space underneath your floating candle you have endless opportunities to showcase anything you want. Most of us have vases at home that go unused or left in our cabinets. Grab those out and let your creative side run wild! Start with a favorite color, theme, flower, or idea in mind. Play around with different elements from vase fillers, or silk flower, or even festive or colorful items and place them inside the vase. You will be amazed at what you can create. And once you place a floater atop the water and your desired filler, the look is uniquely yours.If you thought this project was easy! We have lots more just like this! Take a look at this table full of ideas, shown below, for creating unique, festive, and focal point vases with a few simple items you might already have around your house or things you can easily pick up from a discount store!
You truly don’t have to be an expert to create your very own AMAZING! Simply visit our blog for Quick Ideas to help you each and every time you entertain!