June 06, 2016 2 min read

Decorating with Manzanita Trees

Make an impact with one easy, long lasting product! Who doesn’t want that? Well are this product that will have anyone designing like a pro!Around our offices here at Quick Candles, we get customers calling in all the time looking for a WOW factor for their tables. They’ve seen the large cylinder vases with candles, they have seen the use of big lanterns, and of course fresh flowers. But they are longing for something different that will leave their guests talking about their event long after it is over! Our go-to answer is why not try !

We love this product for so many reasons. We will tell you how to use this one product to create the designer look with minimal effort!

Manzanita Trees are offered in gold and silver! Both of these very popular trending but staple colors will blend with any design theme or color scheme!

By adding a single Manzanita Tree to the center of your table you instantly have a focal point, and a bold and big statement piece to start your design! The beauty of these trees is that you truly don’t have to do another thing! You could just add the tree! Sounds crazy, but try it in your space. You will be surprised at the intrigue the tree creates without adding any touches!

Using a Manzanita Tree without any embellishments is stunning. But adding a mercury or in gold or silver around the base of the tree can add the finishing touch to your look. The monochromatic look with the tree and the candle holders matching is simple to achieve but the look is stunning.

A super simple addition to a Manzanita Tree is wrapping a big bow around the base of the tree. We love the use of organza fabric. The light and airy feel of the organza paired with the tree is simple yet so classic and beautiful. Add a bit of color or keep the organza color choice neutral, either will delight!If you decide you might want a little more, simply try adding a few flowers into the tree. By using silk or fresh, you have created a layer of color and textured to your tree. This look is simple to create and will amp up the centerpiece.

Another great option for a Manzanita Tree is wrapping it with ! By adding the lights, you create an illuminated centerpiece tree that will twinkle and sparkle during your event! Talk about show stopping, as the light goes down…the Manzanita Tree will shine and produce the perfect ambiance at the event.

No matter the way you choose to use a Manzanita Tree, we know the look will create AMAZING each and every time.