by Laura Mazzola June 10, 2016 2 min read

Multiple Uses of Shepherd Hooks

Shepherd Hooks ~ an amazing product that is simple to use and offers so many possibilities for creating AMAZING in your space! From your home to an event space, the ease of using hooks makes adding candle light and flowers to your space so simple.

Shepherd Hooks are easy to place in the ground. Simply press them into the dirt until they are firmly in the ground. Make sure if you are placing a heavier holder or adding water to a hanging holder that your hook is secured!

Shepherd Hooks are the perfect spot for hanging holders!

You can add hanging holders to these hooks and fill them with tealight candles to add ambiance for a walkway or path at your home or entry or exit of an event space.

Hanging holders that are placed on Shepherd Hooks can be filled with floating candles as well! Talk about a spectacular look. The water and the floating candle create such an amazing and twinkling glow for you and your guests!

The use of shepherd hooks with floral hanging arrangements can soften up aisles and walkways for a wedding.

We love pairing hanging metallic holders with gorgeous blooms. A little water in the bottom of the holder and these arrangements are sure to delight for hours! You can even pair the hanging holder with gorgeous realistic silk flowers, chances are your guests would never know the difference and no water needed!

By using shepherd hooks with LED candle options inside your hanging holders, you instantly create a hassle free glow! You can set this up long before guests arrive and light up the night as the guests head out.

Shepherd Hooks come in different colors and styles!

We are so excited to welcome in very soon to our Shepherd Hook line some free-standing options that can be used inside without having to bury the traditional hooks in the ground! These fabulous new stands will offer a base where the hooks easily insert into for the same great look inside lining aisles, steps, and inside areas!

Also added to this new category with the arrival of the free-standing shepherd hooks will be votive holder stakes to create gorgeous lighting to any area!

Stay tuned for some fun ideas on how to use these great new items!

Amazing options, Amazingly easy!