June 01, 2016 2 min read

Create Magic: Mirrors for Wedding Table Decorations!

Mirrors, the perfect product to create magic for your ! If you are planning your wedding and are trying to decide a way to create intrigue on the tables, look no further. We have you covered with showing you ways to incorporate mirrors into your wedding table decorations.

From your ceremony to the reception, mirrors make a huge impact by simply creating a reflection that will wow your guests. By placing pretty much anything on a mirror, you instantly feel like there is more of what is beautiful. The gorgeous reflection, whether it be of flowers, candles, vases, sentimental pieces, or photographs has easily been amplified for your guests!

Mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes! So choosing a mirror that will fit your design is easy with so many options. We love the traditional round but also find the square and the octagon so intriguing in design. From small mirrors that hold a simple vase to a much larger option that could be host to a huge centerpiece, the decision is yours based on your needs.

When using mirrors, never underestimate the beauty of candle light on a mirror for your table decorations. The way the candle creates a gorgeous flame is intensified by placing atop a mirror. The light and flame bounce around off the mirror to add to the ambiance of a table setting. And guests notice when a mirror is added into design!

A few ways we love to incorporate mirrors that is easy and budget friendly:

  • Add a mirror to your guest book table with a small vase and your favorite flower
  • During your ceremony, line the aisle with mirrors and candlelight! The aisle will glow and delight
  • At your wedding reception, use mirrors underneath your centerpieces to add intrigue
  • If your reception is having long, farm type tables, capitalize on the center of the table by massing mirrors down the middle like a table runner and place flowers and candle combinations on top, the look will be stunning
  • If you have high top cocktail tables, this round space is perfect to add an 8” mirror in a square or octagon shape with votive candles and holders atop. The perfect addition to a smaller table.

With mirrors starting as low as to just , you can add these while still staying within your budget! And we know how important budget is for Brides!Not only are mirrors great for creating magic at your wedding, they are fabulous to use for DIY projects! Stay tuned for more great ideas on how to use mirrors to create really cool stuff for your home.

Using mirrors provides beauty, affordability and will allow you to create your very own AMAZING for your wedding table decorations on your BIG DAY!