April 27, 2016 3 min read

Floating Candles in a pool! We are here to debunk some of the myths of using floating candles in a pool for you so if you have a pool or your venue has a pool and you are considering using floaters, this helpful guide will lead you to creating an AMAZING setting for you and your guests!

Can I use floating candles in my pool?

Absolutely! Floaters are so easy to use and are not dangerous to the pool or its filter system. Floating candles float atop the pool water, they burn within the center of the candle with no overflow wax dripping outside the candle, and they burn until the bottom of the candle gets thin and the water seeps inside to extinguish the flames. As long as you let the candle cool down after the flames has been put out, the cleanup is easy and not messy at all!

How do I use floating candles in a pool?

This question is a great one! So the biggest issue with floating candles in a pool is simple…the wick cannot get wet! If the wick gets wet when placing the candle in the pool, the burn time will be greatly affected and you will be very disappointed. So how do you ensure the wick doesn’t get wet while placing floaters in the pool? You simple place them gently by holding the wick. This can be done from the sides of the pool, or you can even have someone enter the pool and carefully place them throughout the pool.

How do I light my floating candles once they are in the pool?

Another great question! Once your candles are placed in the water with a dry wick, the next step is using a multipurpose lighter with an extended arm where the flame can reach farther than a regular lighter. This can be done on the edge of the pool with the candles close by or also from within the pool.

How do I clean up after my event is over?

Floating candles do have long burn times! Depending on the size of the floating candle they can burn between 5-10 hours! If your event is over and your candles are still lit, you simply extinguish them by blowing out. If you have only used a few hours, then you will have plenty of candle to re-use once they have been blown out!

How many floating candles should I use in a pool?

We always suggest using the 3” floating candle in a pool. The size is bigger and won’t get lost in a the expanse of a pool. It’s very hard to gauge how many to use but to make an impact, we tell folks asking this question to use at least 72 in a pool. This will cover the space and not look like an afterthought.

Will the wax mess up my filtration system on my pool?

This is absolutely not true. The wax does not drip out of a floating candle, and even if someone picked up one out of the pool and the wax spilled out, the wax once it hits water will harden and be easily caught by a skimmer or pool cleaning net!

A few things to remember when using floating candles in pools:

  • Remember to make sure the wick does not get wet!
  • Remember that anytime you use a real flame outside, there is a possibility of other elements that will affect the burn time. You might have to relight during the evening. If you plan properly and have someone to watch, this can be done easily and without folks really know it’s happening during your event.
  • Let the wax cool before removing from the pool. This allows for no mess! The wax will cool and harden and there will be no excess wax in the pool.
Using floating candles in pools for weddings, parties, or even memorials will leave a lasting impression on your guests and all while being affordable!Now that you know you can use floating candles in a pool and how to do so easily, you can create your AMAZING pool paradise!