April 27, 2016 2 min read

Create Fun With Red Floating Candles Using Unexpected Items!

Red Floaters & Red Slinkys! Who would have thought to put these two products together? Well, the one and only Joel Kirby with Curly Willow Designs, that’s who! Joel is the master of spunky design! And this easy DIY vase with red floating candles will not only make you happy every time you walk by, but will delight your guests!

What you will need:

  • Two sizes of Cylinder Vases
  • Plastic Slinkys
  • Red Floating Candles
  • Water


Red Floating CandlesStep 1:
  • Grab your cylinder vases.
Step 2:
  • Open your Slinkys and let them hang to release some of the tension. Then gently wrap the slinky around itself creating a unique look. Slide the slinky down in the vase and take a look at the design. If you see it’s not exactly how you want, take it back out and wrap around again until you achieve your desired look. Make sure the top of the slinky doesn’t go all the way to the top of the vase making sure you have left room for your red floater.
Step 3:
  • Pour water over the slinky. Do not place too much water. Make sure that you take into consideration the floating candle and the amount of space it will take to ensure the flame stays below the lip of the vase.
Step 4:
  • Take your floating candle, and holding by the wick, gently place in the water making sure the wick does not get wet. Grab a match or lighter and light the candle.
Step 5:
  • If you want to re-create the whole look, add some bright red gerbera daisies, and find a long space where you can line these red filled vases en masse down the table or island.
Talk about a gorgeous pop of color to your table! The red floating candles, the red Slinkys, the red daisies all combine to be a show stopping element of design in your home! Your guests will think you hired a professional!One of our favorite tips that Joel shares in this video, is that you do not have to match your colors exactly. You don’t have to have exact reds, or whatever your color might be using, to create a perfect look! The combinations of different shades and textures of colors can combine in design with wonderful outcomes!Floating candles when combined with other products easily make a statement! Whether you are trying to create a simple vignette in your home with one vase or putting together centerpieces for an event, floating candles will never let you down! Floating candles provide hours of burn time and for an affordable price! We suggest keeping some on hand all the time for you to be able to change out your look in few minutes with simple DIY projects!You truly don’t have to be an expert to create your very own AMAZING!